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LoopMan Blep

Vocalist Guitarist Keyboardist Mix and Master!

LoopMan Blep is from São Paulo, Brazil, studied at Conservatório Municipal de Guarulhos in Guarulhos.
He works with music in real life for more than 10 years, He performed in many places in Brazil with bands, duo projects, and also solo, LoopMan collaborates with several artists from his city recording guitars, and keyboards, mixing, mastering, and even producing songs.

He sings Brazilian pop, rock, reggae, and popular music. He sings international songs like Seal, Foofigthers, Linkin Park, Kansas, LimpBizkit, Tones and I, Lil Nas X, Bob Marley, Green Day, System of a Down, Magic, and many more.
Each song is made from the heart delivering his best, he delivers his Songlist at the beginning of the Show so people feel Captivated and Encouraged to make song requests.


Performance Fee:   L$2500- One hour set
                          L$2000 - Regular Performance
                          L$4k - Weddings & Special Events

★ Charity Events: FREE    

Available times: between 7 am and 7 pm SLT





Latest release

Thank you so much for coming this far and for your interest, I hope we can work together soon!
LoopMan Blep ☺♫♥

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